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Plan A Tour

Your Guide on Planning a Tour

Call us now to talk through your vacation options!

Trio Queen Travel and Tours has over 8 years of experience and is now creating bespoke, luxury and sustainable travel tailored to your exact needs and budget throughout Palawan. We listen carefully and then work closely with you to ensure that your requirements are met, and because of our knowledge and experience, we negotiate the best rates, ensuring that you not only get your perfect holiday but also excellent value for money.

We carefully design luxury travels having in mind the benefits of the community, conservation and carbon offsetting, ensuring a travel experience that doesn’t just give back but also nurture nature and relationships.

Our activities are built on the high profile and dedication of our team members, who have already been present in the tourism business for decades. In our work, we put people’s interests first and see the ultimate objective in sharing the pleasures of traveling and exploring new horizons with our clients.

We believe in helping you make the right choice to ensure your holiday will be a memory of a lifetime, every time. Each member of our team is familiar with all our destinations and resorts and you can be sure of personal, first-hand knowledge and advice.

We know Palawan very well and have years of experience in designing itineraries for our travelers. We are here to help you with creating your own special Palawan holiday.

Getting Started

The first step in planning your own Palawan tour is to call (insert contact number here) or email us (insert email here). Our talented team share a love for traveling and a thorough knowledge of all aspects of tour planning and are ready to help you select the best tour for your group and to give you advice as you make your decision to travel.

Selecting Your Tour

Trio Queen has more than 20 pre-designed itineraries to destinations throughout Palawan.

To start working on your own Trio Queen Vacation we recommend you create your personalized wish list. Selecting a tour that best suits you and your group’s interests will assure the success of your trip.

Once you’ve selected a tour or tours, review the pricing with your Trio Queen Tour experts over the phone. Tell us your priorities, your vision of a great experience, your ideal travel dates, and your budget, and we’ll come up with a personalized solution for your group’s vacation in Palawan. We can provide you a price quotation and day-by-day proposal itinerary, to be sent to your email. This includes maps, images and descriptions of the places, cities, hotels, tours, activities and transfers involved in your trip.

Preparing for your Tour

You can ask questions and discuss any component of your itinerary with our tour experts, who will be able to make suggestions and modifications. Once you are satisfied with your itinerary and the price, we will ask you to complete a booking form and secure a deposit, with which we confirm all of the arrangements.

One week before leaving, we will call you to check that you are prepared and answer any final questions. We provide a 24-hour emergency contact number and all of the contact details of our ground services staff.

Trio Queen Transportation Service Partners

To support sustainable tourism we work with local transport cooperatives that own the vehicles. We have a reliable network of van rental operators and in partnership with Sabang Sea Ferry Cooperative, the sole recognized organization to ferry all UR guests. In addition Trio Queen owns Toyota Land Cruisers (8+1) for small groups and off road experiences. 

Trio Queen Tour Leaders

All our tour-leaders are fully trained and have a good level of English and are experienced in dealing with western travelers.

Our tour leaders are carefully selected and we value them very highly as we know how important a good tour leader is to the holiday experience of our clients. We are very pleased that most of our tour leaders have been working with us for many years.

Trio Queen Accommodation Choices

We have established a trustworthy cooperation with small and bigger sized accommodation providers all around Palawan.

We picked carefully our accommodation for its traditional hospitality – that truly reflects local culture and provide Palaweno hospitality – and the personal touch which is part of our company philosophy. We work extremely closely with those we consider their staff to be an integral part of our team, so we expect from them the same high standards of service as from our own staff.

If you book a place on a tour joining a small-group departure, or as a private departure, then we will let you know the hotels to be used for your holiday a couple of weeks before you leave. If you have specific requests for particular hotels, then please request a tailor-made tour.

Travel Green

Here at Trio Queen, we are not only showcasing the beauty and wonders of nature but also ensuring they are preserved and cared for. We believe that the future generations should have access to the same natural assets as the current generation has.

Many of our tours, by definition, travel through a variety of different environments and cultures. We try to cause as little negative impact as possible during our journeys and where possible to act in such a way to benefit the local communities and environment.

Your safety comes first

On your arrival in Puerto Princesa City International Airport you will be met by one of our representatives. They will ensure that you are transported to your accommodation as swiftly and as comfortable as possible. We take great care over your transfer arrangements to and from the airport. We have an absolute guarantee of the quality of the vehicles which we are using and the drivers who are carefully selected are ensured that they do not work longer hours than the maximum recommended for driving. Your safety and comfort always come first. You will always be accompanied by a tour guide, usually in an air-conditioned van. If you prefer, we can also organize a private transfer for you to make your holiday extra special.

Honda Bay Island Hopping + City Familiarization Tour (PPP-209-004)
Philippines, Palawan, Puerto Princesa City

$285.00 $225.00

Palawan Captivating El Nido (PPP-209-006)
Philippines, Palawan, El Nido

$615.00 $419.85

Underground River Tour + Sabang X Zipline (PPP-209-001)
Philippines, Palawan, Puerto Princesa City

$382.50 $337.50

Palawan 3D2N Adventure Promo Package – 8 (PPP-209-008)
Philippines, Palawan, Puerto Princesa City

$795.00 $630.00

Palawan 3D2N Adventure Promo Package – 7 (PPP-209-007)
Philippines, Palawan, Puerto Princesa City

$600.00 $472.50

Palawan 3D2N Adventure Promo Package – 10 (PPP-209-010)
Philippines, Palawan, Puerto Princesa City, Shared | Joiners Tour Packages

$495.00 $390.00

Firefly Watching+Underground River+Honda Bay Island Hopping (PPP-209-003)
Palawan, Puerto Princesa City

$660.00 $570.00

Palawan 3D2N Adventure Promo Package – 9 (PPP-209-009)
Philippines, Palawan, Puerto Princesa City

$765.00 $600.00

El Nido Tour B (ENTB-28)
Philippines, Palawan, El Nido


Maoyon River Cruise (PPC-NEC2-16)
Puerto Princesa Circuit 2


Ugong Rock Caving + Zipline (Sitting Position )| PPC-NWC1-10
Puerto Princesa Circuit 1, Shared | Joiners Tour Packages


Tabon Cave
Philippines, Palawan, Quezon


El Nido Tour C (ENTC-29)
Philippines, Palawan, El Nido


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